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Don Bosco College has a well integrated and active Parent Teachers Association (PTA). All parents, faculty members and students are its members. The PTA has always aimed to forge a positive relationship between parents and faculty members and thereby maximize the welfare and progress of students. The PTA is not justabout the academic progress of the students. It works on the conviction that the future of communities can be enhanced through a holistic and heuristic molding of young minds. The PTA of our college plays a significant role in the Teaching – Learning Process. The PTA elects its executive members at the beginning of each academic year and these members are the spokespersons who voice the suggestions and concerns of the parents.

The PTA supports the institution in academic and non academic endeavors and is actively involved in the evolution of the institution. PTA meetings are scheduled once every semester to forge a better bond between the parents, teachers and students. Parents are provided open access to meet teachers throughout the year to understand the academic and behavioral growth of their children. The PTA also offers scholarships annually to students excelling in academic, cultural, sport and other aspects of studies.

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