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College Building A Block

It is the first building as you enter the college. The main facilities provided in this Block are the following: College Administrative Office, Parlour, Principal’s Office, Vice-Principal, Staff room -1, Audio-Visual Hall, NSS room, Mentoring Room, Ladies room, IQAC office, Board-room and the Chapel.

The Computer Lab is on the first floor. The rest of the first floor and the Second floor has together 18 class rooms. The Basement floor of the A- Block has the Canteen, Kitchen and a multipurpose hall.

College Building B-Block

The B-Block was constructed in the year 2015. The College Main Library is in this Block. The rest of the building comprises of an Examination Hall, and 14 class rooms and a Staff room. The Gymnasium is also in the B-Block side of the College Stage.

The Basement floor of the college is currently converted in the Boy’s Hostel with all the facilities. This is a temporary arrangement as there is a plan to construct a separate Boys Hostel in the campus. The college has two huge water tanks used for rainwater harvest.

Don Bosco College Staff Residence

The college staff residence was built in 2014. It has 16 well furnished rooms, with a Kitchen and a Dining room. The college guests are accommodated in the Residence guest rooms.

Don Bosco Technical School

The Technical School was established in 1995. It caters to the poor and marginalized youth of Wayanad district. It provides several technical trades which would enable the poor youth to acquire skills in for job. The Technical school building has two workshops and required classrooms.

College Play grounds

The College has to its credit a well fenced play ground where students can play football and Cricket. Apart from this, there is also a Volleyball court and three indoor Shuttle badminton courts.

College Farm

The Campus is enriched with the farm in about 6 acres. Coffee, Coconuts trees, Areca nuts and Banana are the main cultivations. Land is also set apart for vegetable cultivation for the students. The Diary and Poultry farm brings in good revenue and fresh farm products. There is good water supply and so the 20x18 meter freshwater pond serves fish cultivation during rainy season and provides good drinking water and irrigation purpose during the summer. Away from the Bathery Town, the college owns more than 10 acres of coffee and pepper plantation.

Parking Area

The huge parking area was constructed in 2018. It has facilities to park over 50 motor bikes and several cars. It is an open and large area suitable for off-hand gathering of students.


The College Gym was set up in 2019. It has the basic body building modern equipments. At a time 15 students can work at the properties.

Water Harvesting

The college has good water harvesting system. The rain water that falls on the roof top are directed to the

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