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The Academic Council of the college was formed in 2013 so as to help the evaluation study of each department. The Academic Council meets bimonthly. The points discussed are communicated to each department. The Council aims at Total Quality Management.

The council invites the College community to bring suggestions, questions, or comments to the attention of its members. The Academic Council shall, subject to the traditional principles of Academic freedom, control the academic affairs of the College including the curriculum, and instruction and education provided by the college.

The functions of the Academic Council shall include
  • Encourage excellence in research and scholarship;
  • Promote the highest standards of teaching and learning;
  • Advise the Governing Authority on academic matters and propose to the Governing Authority the form and content of rules and directions to be made relating to the academic affairs of the College including the conduct of examinations, the determination of examination results, analyze the results, and evaluation of academic progress.
  • Advise the Governing Authority in relation to academic appointments.
  • Design and develop courses of study and establish structures to implement these courses.
  • Make recommendations relating to the selection, admission, retention and exclusion of Students generally.
  • Determine the conduct of internal examinations
  • Make recommendations for the award of scholarships, prizes and best student of the year.
  • Review the procedures for considering appeals by students relating to the results of an examination.
  • Regulate the discipline of the students of the college and impose penalties for breaches of discipline.
  • Advice the Governing Authority on procedures for quality assurance aimed at improving the quality of education and related services provided by the institution.
Members of the Academic council
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