Best answer: Do I need a TI 84 for college?

Do you need a graphing calculator for college?

Because graphing calculators are still required in most high school and college-level mathematics courses as well as the SAT and other state exams (where you can only bring an approved device), there is still a huge demand for them. That means manufacturers can keep the prices up.

What kind of calculator do I need for college statistics?

As far as statistics is concerned, the best calculator for statistics is the TI-83, though the TI-89 comes close. My recommendation is because: It’s the best bang for your buck, at about half the price of a TI-89. Most professors (including myself) use it in the classroom.

Which is better TI 84 or 89?

Main Difference of TI 84 Plus and TI 89 Titanium

One other main difference between these two calculators is that the TI-89 can solve more equations and is much more powerful. … The powerful TI-89 can get it done. This will get you through a lot of the math classes in college.

Why is TI-84 so expensive?

But with essentially a monopoly on graphing calculator usage in classrooms, Texas Instruments can charge a premium. … The batteries are even not rechargeable like a cell phone.” He estimates a TI-84 Plus costs $15-20 to manufacture and has a profit margin of over 50 percent for Texas Instruments.

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Do students still use TI 83?

Technology has not yet killed the reliable old TI-83. Nearly 20 years later, students are still forced to use a prohibitively expensive piece of outdated technology. It’s not because better tools aren’t available; they exist, and some of them are even free.

Can I use a TI-84 on the ACT?

The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator is allowed during the entire portion of the math section of the ACT. … You can use your TI graphing calculator to work through problems more efficiently, help verify answers, and model a difficult word problem.

Why are CAS calculators banned?

Seven models of the TI-Nspire CAS are on the College Board’s list. The ACT, which competes with the College Board for test-takers, prohibits calculators with CAS functionality. … They say that because the College Board needs to make the SAT seem accessible to people of all income levels. …

Is using a calculator bad?

Research conducted in response to this found little difference in performance tests whether students used calculators or not. An earlier US study had found the same: the calculator had no positive or negative effects on the attainment of basic maths skills. Researchers recommended moving the conversation on.

Is the TI-84 Plus good for calculus?

Permitted for use on the ACT, SAT and AP Calculus exam. TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver—This series is 100% compatible with the TI-83’s and is now the calculator of choice for most students and teachers. If you are purchasing a new calculator, this or the TI-Nspire is our current recommendation.

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