Best answer: What GPA do you need to get into Yonsei University?

Is Yonsei University hard to get into?

Yonsei University is very competitive for Korean students. You have to be in top 2% of all Korean seniors to be admitted to Yonsei University. If you are a qualified international student, you will be able to attend Yonsei University. …

Do you need sat for Yonsei University?

Submitting official test scores from high school graduation exam or university entrance exam (SAT, ACT, GCE-A Level, IB, AP, etc.) is not mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended as the test score(s) can verify your academic performance.

What is Yonsei known for?

Nowadays, Yonsei is regarded as South Korea’s top private university. It is one member of ‘SKY’ universities, a term for the three institutions widely regarded as the most prestigious in the country.

How much is housing at Yonsei?

HKU housing rates are the 8 weeks standard, summer cost on shared room basis. Price to be confirmed in December.

Partner University (Visiting)

Keio (Half) Tuition 460 USD
Yonsei (Spring) Application 150 USD
Tuition 4,800 USD
Housing 1,650 ~ 2,500 USD
Meals 2,000 USD

Does Yonsei University have dorms?

Dorm. There are two on-campus choices at Yonsei University. … The dorms have single or double rooms and you’ll have access to a shared lounge, kitchen, and computer lab. The single rooms have small refrigerators.

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How do I get into Yonsei University?


  1. Minimum GPA for Application. 1) CGPA must be over CGPA 2.7 on a 4.3(CGPA 2.5 on a 4.0 ) …
  2. Language Requirement. 1) English: TOEFL score must be a minimum of 79 in iBT(cBT 213, pBT 550) or IELTS 6.5. …
  3. Semester Fulfillment Requirement.

What majors does Yonsei University have?

Majors Offered

The colleges include liberal arts, business, economics, science, engineering, life science and biotechnology, theology, social sciences, law, music, human ecology, education, medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and Korean culture.

Can foreigners go to Yonsei University?

International students are admitted on a rolling basis, while Korean applicants are admitted according to an annual admissions schedule. Korean and Overseas Korean students are advised to refer to the website of the Office of Admissions for more detailed information (