Frequent question: What division is Grand Canyon University basketball?

What division is GCU for basketball?

Does Grand Canyon University have a basketball team?

Grand Canyon University is excited to continue the men’s club basketball program, which has grown in numbers and in its success each year. GCU Club Men’s Basketball provides the opportunity for students to remain focused on academics, compete at the collegiate level, and develop skills in a team-oriented environment.

Is GCU a d1 baseball?

The Grand Canyon Antelopes baseball team represents Grand Canyon University, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The Antelopes, also known as the Lopes, are an NCAA Division I college baseball program that competes in the Western Athletic Conference.

What GPA do you need to get into Grand Canyon University?

The minimum GPA requirement for admission is 3.0. However, you could still gain admission to GCU based on your standardized test scores. If your ACT score is 19 or your SAT is 1000, then you can gain admission to the university as long as you have established a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Does Grand Canyon University have a campus?

GCU Welcomes You to the Main Campus in Phoenix, Arizona!

Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) beautiful main campus spans the heart of Phoenix.

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