How do I edit my discussion post on Blackboard as a student?

How do I enable edit mode in Blackboard as a student?

In the top right corner of your course you can click the Edit Mode button to turn the Edit Mode on and off. When Edit Mode is ON, you see all the course content and the editing controls for each item. Edit Mode OFF hides the editing controls but still displays any content that would normally be hidden from a student.

How do I delete my discussion post on Blackboard as a student?

To Delete Old Posts:

  1. Enter Blackboard and open the course.
  2. Edit Mode – On.
  3. Open the Discussion Board.
  4. Find a Forum that has posts. Open the forum.
  5. Click the top left checkbox to select all the threads.
  6. Optional: Uncheck any message to be kept.
  7. Click Delete to remove the student posts.

How do I edit a discussion post?

How do I edit or delete my discussion posts?

  1. Open Discussions. In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.
  2. Open Discussion. Click a discussion title.
  3. Open Options Icon. Each of your posts have a settings icon with edit and delete options. …
  4. Edit Post. …
  5. Save Edit. …
  6. Verify Edit. …
  7. Delete Post. …
  8. Confirm Delete.
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Can I delete my discussion post on Blackboard?

Editing and Deleting Discussion Posts On the Thread Detail page, click the title of one of your own posts. The post appears in the Current Post portion of the content frame. Click Edit to modify the message or click Delete and confirm its removal.

Can I edit a discussion post in Blackboard?

Editing and deleting discussion posts

You cannot edit or delete others’ posts. If you post a message in error and the option to delete it is not available to you, contact your instructor. On the Thread Detail page, click the title of one of your own posts.

How do I change edit mode in Blackboard?

How do I use this?

  1. Open Blackboard and choose the course you want to work with.
  2. Click the Edit Mode button, on the top right of the screen, to toggle Edit Mode On or Off.

How do you delete a thread?


  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Tap and hold on the thread/conversation you wish to delete.
  3. When the icon becomes a check mark, tap the trash can at the top right to delete. You can tap on multiple to check them if you wish to delete more than one.

What does collapse all mean on blackboard?

Select Collapse to minimize a post and increase the vertical screen space. If your instructor enabled the rate posts feature in a forum’s settings, Overall Rating displays the average rating for a post. When you point to the rating area, it changes to show Your Rating.

Can professors see when you edit a discussion?

Create discussion topics – this feature allows students to create their own discussion forums within your course. Most instructors do not want this feature available to students. … If the post is edited, there is no history for the Instructor to look at to see what was changed.

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Can students edit their discussion posts in canvas?

Editing and Deleting Posts

You can disable students’ ability to edit and delete their own posts. … If you haven’t disabled editing and are trying to use the setting that requires students to post before seeing the postings of others, students may be able to circumvent your intentions.

How do you edit a discussion board on canvas?

How do I edit a discussion in a course?

  1. Open Discussions. In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.
  2. Edit Discussion. To edit the discussion, use the Rich Content Editor. You can also edit other discussion options.
  3. Save Discussion. Click the Save button.