How is Wake Forest University?

Is Wake Forest University a good school?

Is Wake Forest a good school? Wake Forest is ranked as 27th in National Universities according to US News College Rankings report in 2019. The University is known for its Accounting, Law, Medical and Business Schools. It is also known as a Hidden Ivy School.

What is bad about Wake Forest?

The lack of diversity and the excessive cost of the school are the worst things. For having to spend so much money, the food and housing are both mediocre at best. I really wish that Wake Forest was a little more diverse and people would spread out amongst friend groups.

Is Wake Forest a top tier school?

Their graduation rates are 88% (Wake Forest and Washington and Lee) to 94% (University of Virginia). There are four public colleges and two liberal arts colleges in the second tier.

Tier 2.

School Wake Forest University
Location Winston-Salem, NC
Average SAT Score 1390
Average ACT Score 31
Acceptance Rate 29%

Is Wake Forest an elite University?

Wake Forest is part of a troika of elite universities in North Carolina, alongside the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Duke University, that have outsize influence in state politics, business, medicine, and law.

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Is Wake Forest a rich kid school?

Wake is known as a school for white, rich kids. Rich, smart, preppy. Wake is probably seen by others as an extremely preppy, Southern, conservative school–thanks in good part to the Baptist history it no longer maintains.

Is Wake Forest expensive?

Annual Costs

Wake Forest University is one of the 100 most expensive colleges in the America, coming in 66th on our Expensive 100 Ranking. The cost is 188% more expensive than the average North Carolina tuition of $18,911 for 4 year colleges.

Do students like it at Wake Forest University?

The academics are rigorous but students tend to have a pretty good work-life balance. Most people you meet are very driven and motivated, but also enjoy helping others out having fun. Winston-Salem is a nice area to live in that is a good mid-sized city. Online learning has been okay so far.

Is Wake Forest a safe college?

Campus Safety

Of the 25 schools included, Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, N.C., is considered the most dangerous, with about 30 students per reported offense. Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, is the safest campus, at 411 students per offense.

Why should I go to Wake Forest University?

In the pursuit of continuously becoming more global, WFU focuses on its core strengths: faculty-student interaction and mentoring, leadership in the field of intercultural competence and study abroad programming, and innovation as a nimble mid-sized liberal arts university.

How hard is Wake Forest?

Academics at Wake are difficult. Do not come to Wake Forest if you don’t expect to study your ass off. Certain majors are more difficult than others, however, so take a variety of classes before settling on a major. … Wake Students are big on participation in class, especially in smaller classes.

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How hard is it to get into Wake Forest?

Admissions Overview

Wake Forest admissions is very selective with an acceptance rate of 30%. Students that get into Wake Forest have an average SAT score between 1270-1410 or an average ACT score of 28-32. The regular admissions application deadline for Wake Forest is January 1.