How long is a semester at TSTC?

How much are courses at TSTC?

Compared to the tuition fees charged at most colleges, the cost of education at TSTC is quite low. The average annual cost for students opting to pursue undergraduate programs at the college is estimated to be around $8,034, based on 2020 – 2021 official information.

Is TSTC a good school?

Texas State Technical College is an above-average public college located in Waco, Texas. … The Texas State Technical College acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors include Welding, Electrical Engineering Technician, and Automotive Mechanics. Texas State Technical College graduates 40% of its students.

Does TSTC help you get a job?

We’ll help you find a job (for free!)

Other colleges may charge you to help you find a job, but at TSTC we offer our services 100% free. Alongside teaching you the technical skills you need to do the job, we want to teach you the professional skills it takes to land the job. … Professionalism. And more!

What are the benefits of attending a 2 year college?

Here are 10 reasons to attend community college:

  • Affordability.
  • Academic flexibility.
  • Financial aid options.
  • School-life balance.
  • STEM education and opportunities.
  • Transfer agreements.
  • Elements of traditional college.
  • Personalized attention.

What SAT score is required for TSTC?

SAT scores are not required for admission consideration at Texas State Technical College Waco.

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Is TSTC a community college?

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is a public community college with 10 campuses throughout Texas.

Does TSTC have night classes?

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – For the first time, Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics Technology will expand its offerings with evening classes beginning Spring 2020.

What is a passing grade for TSTC?

A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher along with a 2.0 GPA for your last term of enrollment. A 67% cumulative completion rate along with a 67% completion rate for your last term of enrollment.

What does TSTC stand for?


Acronym Definition
TSTC Texas State Technical College
TSTC Tri-State Transportation Campaign
TSTC Trenholm State Technical College (Alabama)
TSTC Too Small to Characterize (hepatitis)