How many students get Bright Futures?

How much money does 75% Bright Futures give?

Medallion Scholars will receive an award amount equal to 75% of tuition and applicable fees. The tuition and applicable fees for 1 credit hour is $159.21.

Will I lose Bright Futures if I fail a class?

Your Bright Futures will be billed for the classes dropped or withdrawn after the initial drop/add period. The amount owed is based off the number of credits dropped for the term.

Can Bright Futures be used for grad school?

Graduate Funding: A Bright Futures recipient, who graduates with a bachelor’s degree in 7 or fewer semesters or in 105 semester hours or fewer, may receive funding for one semester of graduate study, not to exceed 15 credit hours, paid at the undergraduate rate.

Can I take a semester off and keep Bright Futures?

Can I take a gap year? A: Yes, but you must start taking advantage of Bright Futures within two years of your high school graduation.

Can you lose your Florida Bright Futures scholarship?

Repaying Bright Futures

If not paid back, you will lose your Bright Futures scholarship permanently. After repayment, those hours are returned to your hour’s remaining for funding purposes.

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Do you have to reapply for Bright Futures every year?

All Bright Futures recipients are required to meet minimum credit hour and GPA requirements to renew their award each year. Students enrolled full time for both semesters are required to earn at least 24 semester hours in order to renew their award at the end of each academic year.

How do you get your Bright Futures money?

Students do not receive funds directly from the Florida Department of Education. Bright Futures awards are calculated and disbursed by the financial aid office at the eligible Florida postsecondary institution where the student attends. Funds are disbursed after the end of the drop/add period each term.

How do you qualify for the Bright Futures scholarship?

Requirements for all Bright Futures Scholarships

  1. Be a Florida resident, and a US Citizen or eligible noncitizen. …
  2. Earn a diploma from a Florida high school or high school equivalent. …
  3. Be enrolled, or enrolling, for at least six credit hours per semester.

How do I get my Bright Futures back?

What Happens If I Lose It? Students who lose a Bright Futures scholarship because of a low GPA can apply to have the scholarship restored. You must complete a Reinstatement/Restoration Application after logging into your online Office of Student Financial Assistance account.