How much money do university presidents make?

What university has the highest paid president?

1. C.L. Max Nikias, University of Southern California. Nikias became the single highest-paid university president due to a $7.06 million exit package he received when stepping down from his role in August 2018.

How much does the president of Harvard University make?

The president of Boston University received 1,815,478 in total compensation in 2018. This was up from the previous year when he received $1,599,632. The then-president of Harvard University received 3,577,432 in total compensation in her final year before retirement.

How do you become a president of a university?

To pursue a career as a college president, you typically need a doctorate in education, economics, or a related field. You must also have a proven record of success in higher education. You can gain this experience by working as a university professor or administrator.

How much does the president of Drake University make?

He will receive an annual base salary of $890,000 from the University of California and is taking a voluntary, temporary pay reduction of 10 percent through June 30, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to July, 7 Board of Regents agenda.

What do presidents of universities do?

A college president is responsible for overseeing all operations — both academic and administrative — within an educational institution. The president of a college is equivalent to the CEO of a major corporation, meaning they have to ensure that their organization is successful.

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Who makes the most money at Harvard?

University provost Alan M. Garber earned $926,217 in total compensation in 2018, up from $880,900 the previous year, and Michael D. Smith, the former dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, who stepped down in August 2018, earned $761,770, up from $730,382 the previous year.

Does a university president need a PhD?

Indeed, according to the BLS, college and university administrators almost always have doctorate-level degrees, which includes presidents, deans and provosts. Other degrees that may complement a degree in higher education leadership may include social work and marketing, among others.

Who is president of Harvard university?

What do you call a university president?

A chancellor is a leader of a college or university, usually either the executive or ceremonial head of the university or of a university campus within a university system. … In many countries, the administrative and educational head of the university is known as the president, principal or rector.