Is every college a dry campus?

Why are some colleges dry campuses?

Some students choose the dry campus route for their academic futures, while others are motivated by religious reasons. Others simply want to attend that particular school and don’t mind abstaining from alcohol to do so.

What makes a campus dry?

“Dry campus” is the term used for the banning of alcohol at colleges and universities, regardless of the owner’s age or intention to consume it elsewhere. … Many private colleges institute “dry campus” rules as they may be affiliated with churches who would not condone such behavior in any circumstance.

What universities are wet campuses?

If Nebraska considers itself worthy of “Public Ivy” status along with Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Minnesota, all of which are wet campuses, and make the list of top party schools in the country year after year, then there should be no hesitation following suit with our neighbors up north.

Is American a dry campus?

American’s campus, in Washington, D.C., is officially “dry”: regardless of age, you cannot drink on campus, except under certain rare and controlled circumstances. … Of the 11 schools, American University is currently the only one that prohibits all alcohol on campus regardless of age.

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Is NYU a dry campus?

NYU is committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment that is free of alcohol and substance abuse. … To that end, the University provides on-campus support programs and services as well as information about related services that are available in the local community.

Is Brown a dry campus?

Except as part of official or registered events, the University prohibits the possession of any opened containers of alcoholic beverages outdoors, in all non-residential buildings, and in residence hall common areas.

Is Harvard a wet campus?

As stated above, Harvard University, consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, prohibits the consumption, possession, use and sale, and the provision or serving of alcoholic beverages by and to persons less than 21 years of age. … These policies and laws are enforced by HUPD.

What college drinks the most?

College Towns with the Most Alcohol Consumption

  • Chico and California State University, Chico.
  • Boulder and the University of Colorado.
  • Billings and Montana State University Billings.
  • Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Fargo and North Dakota State University.

Are dry campuses effective?

Research has found little evidence of the effectiveness of dry campus policies in curbing the heavy use of alcohol by students. In one study of four public universities with different alcohol policies, a ban on alcohol was not associated with a reduction in heavy drinking.

Is Duke a dry campus?


As a community of scholars and learners, Duke University expects those within its community to be responsible with the use of alcohol. … All possession, consumption, and distribution of alcohol at Duke University shall be in accordance with applicable North Carolina state laws.

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Is UVA a dry campus?

The University of Virginia prohibits the illegal or otherwise irresponsible use of alcohol and other drugs. It is the responsibility of every member of the University community to know the risks associated with substance use and abuse.