Question: How do you get into University of Arizona Honors College?

How hard is it to get into the Honors College at University of Arizona?

Admission to The Honors College is highly competitive and selective. Students are admitted on the strength of their academic preparation and achievements in high school or community college.

How do you get into University of Honors College?

Yes. If you are a current UA student and you have at least three semesters remaining until graduation, a cumulative UA GPA of 3.5 or better, and have completed at least 12 credits at Arizona, you may nominate yourself for admission into the W. A. Franke Honors College through the current student application process.

What is an honors college at a university?

Honors colleges and honors programs are special accommodation constituent programs at public and private universities – and also public two-year institutions of higher learning – that include, among other things, supplemental or alternative curricular and non-curricular programs, privileges, special access, …

How do I drop my Honors College UA?

If you are certain you want to withdraw from the Honors College, email with your full name, CWID and a statement requesting withdrawal.

Does Ole Miss have an Honors College?

The Honors College Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides a supportive residential experience to honors students who seek to become citizen scholars fired by the life of the mind. Members come from diverse backgrounds, are committed to the public good, and are driven to find solutions.

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What is the acceptance rate for Barrett Honors College?

Barrett Honors College Admit rate – 2000 students. Most students at Tempe, 1600, about 200 downtown. Acceptance rate is about 70%.