Quick Answer: Does Apple give student discounts on iphones?

Does Apple give discounts on iPhones?

Does Apple Ever Have Sales? There is one aspect of Apple’s retail model that stands out the most: Apple doesn’t offer discounts. … Consumers are often unaware that when they see a “sale” on Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, or computers that the seller is probably not certified.

What student discount does Apple offer?

Students in the US can save up to $100 on Mac and up to $50 on an iPad Pro or Air and get 20% off Apple Care+ for added device protection.

Does Apple still give free AirPods to students 2021?

Free Headphones

In 2021, Apple gave college students a free set of AirPods for buying an eligible device. These popular earbuds normally cost $159, or $199 with a wireless charging case. Apple allows customers to upgrade from AirPods to AirPods Pro with a $90 upcharge as well.

How long does Apple student discount last?

Bloomberg reported that the new MacBook Pro models could arrive “as soon as this summer” which officially starts on June 20. But even if they don’t arrive this month, Apple’s Back to School promotion runs until September 27, so you’ve got three months to see what happens.

Do students get free AirPods?

Eligible participants get access to education pricing and free Apple AirPods with select purchases, as well as 20% off the AppleCare+ service program. … Purchasing either of these models (as well as most other Mac or iPad models) gets eligible participants free Apple AirPods (a $159 value).

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Can you get student discount on AirPods?

Apple’s 2021 Back to School offer was identical to the deal from 2020. Thanks to the deal university students, or those just about to start university or higher education, will receive a free pair of AirPods (normally worth £159/$159/AUD$249) with a new Mac or iPad.

How much cheaper is Apple education pricing?

Students get up to 10% student discount on all new Mac models (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro) or iPad models (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini).