What are students like at Syracuse?

What are Syracuse students like?

For the most part, the majority of the students are hard working and very friendly. Greek. The Syracuse campus has a heavy Greek affiliation – fraternities, sororities (honors and social, among others). My class is very close because we are together all the time, in and outside of classes, so I know them very well.

What do students say about Syracuse University?

The atmosphere of Syracuse is “always electric, with something going on at all times.” Student life can revolve around athletics, and campus is “the most fun place on the planet when the basketball team is doing well, but could be very dreary if they’re not and the weather is bad.” Students are especially eager to don …

What is it like to attend Syracuse?

Syracuse is really cool on weekend nights and has a great night life, however during the day there really isn’t a lot to do. A lot of people also participate in Greek Life which takes away from boredom. Marshall Street is really cool too. Syracuse is a school that feels big at times and small at times.

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What kind of person should not attend Syracuse?

The only type of people who shouldn’t go to Syracuse are those who can’t stand the cold and snow! Any student who is unprepared to work hard and also interact with others’ thoughts and opinions. A person who is not self driven should not attend Syracuse University because everything is pretty much up to you.

Is Syracuse a fun school?

Syracuse University was the No. 1 party school in the country in years 2019 and 2014. … SU, which was ranked the No. 1 party school in 2019 and 2014, has made The Princeton Review’s list of top ten party schools since 2012.

Why is Syracuse University Bad?

The worst part about attending Syracuse University is the city in which it is located in. Some parts of campus are located near poor and lower class residentials, and as a result walking on campus at night can be considered unsafe. Several muggings and thefts have been reported on campus this year alone.

Is Syracuse a hard school?

All students work hard because the level of competition is also high. There are many oportunities but only for those who are willing to work hard on their grades. The most unique class i have taken was LAS in was a Latin American Studies class that embodied gender, social classes, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Is Syracuse prestigious?

Is Syracuse University prestigious? Syracuse University’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #58. Its tuition and fees are $55,926.

Do rich kids go to Syracuse?

Majority of the kids that attend Syracuse are really wealthy, driving around BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, etc. (even international students) While majority of the school are rich, there are also a number of people on campus who are here on scholarship, and one of the first people in their family to attend college.

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Is it easy to make friends at Syracuse?

Syracuse has a lot of really good looking people so it’s not very hard to find someone you like. As for the social life, there are parties going on almost every night. … Most nights there is always something going on but how much one wants to party is up to them.

Why do you like Syracuse University?

The sports and school pride are tremendous, and there is a large sense of community. All of the student activities offered me everything that I could have wanted and more. The University embraces and encourages diversity in every way, and there are hundreds of events that take place.

What does dropping a class do?

Once you have dropped a class, you no longer have to attend it, and you will no longer receive a grade in that course. Instead, there will usually be a “W” (for “Withdrawn”) next to the course’s name, instead of a letter grade, on your transcript. This “W” will not affect your GPA.

What is unique about Syracuse?

Syracuse is recognized as a student-focused, global research university renowned for academic rigor, richly diverse learning experiences, and a spirit of discovery.