What college is the Saints?

What high school has Saints as a mascot?

The school’s mascot, the seraph, was derived from one of the titles of Bonaventure, “Seraphic Doctor”.

St. Bonaventure High School
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3167 Telegraph Road Ventura , California 93003 United States
Coordinates 34°16′23″N 119°15′13″WCoordinates: 34°16′23″N 119°15′13″W

What league is Siena in?

Is Saint Anthony’s an all boys school?

St. Anthony’s is an academic IAPS preparatory school for boys between the ages of 4 and 13. It is Roman Catholic but welcomes boys of other faiths. … It is not a ‘hot house’ and great care is taken to ensure that pupils feel happy and at ease in the school environment.

Is Saint Augustine an all boys school?

Augustine High School (also known as “St. Aug”) is a private, Catholic, all-boys high school run by the Josephites in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was founded in 1951 and includes grades 8 through 12.

What is a Siena Saint?

Catherine of Siena, original name Caterina Benincasa, (born March 25, 1347, Siena, Tuscany [Italy]—died April 29, 1380, Rome; canonized 1461; feast day April 29), Dominican tertiary, mystic, and one of the patron saints of Italy. She was declared a doctor of the church in 1970 and a patron saint of Europe in 1999.

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