What LSAT score do I need for University of Baltimore?

What LSAT score do I need for BU?

Admissions Statistics

Admissions Statistics 2020 2017
LSAT Score (Median) 166 162
LSAT Score (25th-75th percentile) 160-167 160-164
GPA (Median) 3.74 3.58
GPA Range (25th-75th percentile) 3.31-3.84 3.41-3.75

Is 147 a good LSAT score?

A student scoring a 180 is in the 99.9 percentile because the student scored better than 99.9% of test-takers.

Law School Enrollment.

Risk Band LSAT
Score Percentile
High Risk 147-149 33 – 40.3
Very High Risk 145-146 26.1 – 29.5
Extreme Risk 120-144 ≤ 22.9

Is it hard to get into University of Maryland law school?

University of Maryland School of Law Admissions

Highly ranked schools like Harvard and Yale are fiercely competitive, as reflected in their low acceptance rates of 16.9% and 6.9%, respectively. At the University of Maryland School of Law, the acceptance rate was 53.7% for 2017 applicants and 47.7% for 2020.

Will I get into BU law?

Each year, Boston University has an entering class of about 500 law students. … About 1,400 (20%) of the 7,000 applicants will be admitted, since some people will be accepted at many law schools and will turn down Boston University’s offer of admission.

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What is the average LSAT score?

According to the LSAC, the average LSAT score during the 2019-2020 testing year was 151.88, while the average score for 2018-2019 was slightly lower: 150.99. Read: Law Schools Where Students Had the Highest LSAT Scores. ]

What is the ranking of Maryland law school?

University of Maryland (Carey) is ranked No. 50 (tie) in Best Law Schools and No. 8 (tie) in Part-time Law.

What is the LSAT score for Harvard law?

13 Law Schools With the Highest LSAT Scores

School (name) (state) Median LSAT score for full-time students entering in fall 2020 U.S. News law school rank
Yale University (CT) 173 1
Harvard University (MA) 173 3
Columbia University (NY) 172 4 (tie)
Stanford University (CA) 171 2

What is the lowest LSAT score accepted by Harvard?

Although there is no “cutoff” LSAT score that you need to get into Harvard Law School, Harvard only offers admission to a small percentage of its applicants. Therefore, to gain admission to Harvard Law School, you will likely need an LSAT score in the 170+ range.