What type of college is Fordham University?

Is Fordham University a liberal college?

Fordham College at Lincoln Center is a close-knit intellectual and creative community of faculty and students. We combine a traditionally strong Fordham liberal arts education with the innovative instructional and pre-professional opportunities readily available at our key location.

What type of students go to Fordham?

A lot of Fordham’s population is white, upper middle class, and from New York or New Jersey. There is diversity, but it mainly stems from the commuter population. Most students are either preppy, hipster, or a bro.

Is Fordham University a Catholic school?

As both Catholic and Jesuit in identity, Fordham University draws a great deal of its inspiration from both of these rich and lively traditions. … At Fordham, one experiences the same Jesuit approach to education that has endured since the founding of the Society of Jesus by St.

Is Fordham very religious?

Fordham is a University in the Catholic and Jesuit traditions and we abide by the principles of religious freedom that protect the rights of individuals to practice their own religion and not to be unduly harassed by members of another religion. In this way, we wish to safeguard the freedom of all our students.

What tier is Fordham University?

20, ranks Fordham at No. 67 among the 262 top-tier national universities, moving up three places from a year ago. In the last four years, Fordham has moved up 17 places, from 84th.

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Is Fordham hard academically?

Fordham’s academics are both great and horrible. The extensive core allows students to get experience in many academic areas. … The classes are small, so the professors do learn their students’ names. The one thing about Fordham that is very difficult too, is the division between the Business school and Fordham College.

Is Fordham considered an elite school?

The best thing about Fordham is the people you meet. … People are generall very impressed when you tell them you go to Fordham. It is an elite university with a prestigous name behind it. I spend most of my time on campus on an athletic field of some kind.

Is Fordham preppy?

The stereotypes of Fordham students are pretty consistent. The guys are perceived as “bros”. Everyone here is pretty preppy. … The typical student is upper middle class, almost always catholic and split evenly between public and private schools.