Why should I be a student representative?

Why would I be a good student council representative?

Student council truly gives you the opportunity to foster skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, organization and public speaking – all of which you need in university. Not only do these skills help you in class but they’re also super valuable if you’re interested in co-op programs and job applications.

Why should I be a representative?

You will be able to build relationships and become more approachable by gaining the trust of your fellow classmates as you go along. Class rep training is issued before you start your position so don’t worry – they will give you ideas on how to best represent others’ thoughts and feelings respectfully.

How can I be a good student representative?

Make yourself available, and gather the views, concerns and opinions of classmates. Remember that positive comments are useful – it helps the University to recognise good practice. Attend and participate in Staff-Student Liaison Meetings. Attend and participate in other Committee meetings, if appropriate.

What are the qualities of a good student leader?

10 student leader qualities

  • Goal oriented.
  • Honest.
  • Hard-working.
  • Willing to serve others.
  • A good listener.
  • A good communicator.
  • A good decision-maker.
  • Encouraging.

Why do you want to be on student council answer?

I want to be a part of student council because it’s what I love doing, and what I’m good at. It makes me a better person and allows me skills I would not have otherwise. I want to be a part of council because I feel I bring unique ideas to council and I like being a part of something that can do good for my school.

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What skills do you need to be a class representative?

What makes a good student representative? Some of the skills and experience you will gain from your experience as a student representative include: Communication skills. Leadership experience. Problem solving skills.

How can I be a good representative?

Being a Good Representative

  1. Be a diligent student. …
  2. Be respectful, courteous, and mindful that you are a guest in someone else’s school, home, or country, and a representative of a school, state, and nation.
  3. Show a genuine interest in the host country.

What is the role of a class representative?

Main Role: Act as a prime official channel of communication between teacher and rest of the class, for all monitoring formalities. … Should not take any matter to the teacher, which benefits only a few students, without taking permission of the entire class.