Why you should go to Cornell University?

Университет штата в Сан-Франциско

Why did I choose Cornell?

Cornell proved itself beyond my expectations, with broad-range academic options, a dynamic and vigorous student body, honest and supportive staff, and a beautiful campus with plenty of greenery and its own waterfalls. In the end, if I could do it over again, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is it worth it to go to Cornell?

Within New York, Cornell is a Great Quality for a Fair Price. Cornell University is ranked #1 out of #132 in New York for quality and #53 out of #113 for New York value. This makes it a great quality for a fair price in the state. Find out if Cornell offers in-state tuition that you may qualify for.

Why do you like Cornell University?

I really love Cornell- I think it is a great place to go to college for both academic and social reasons. One of the best things about Cornell is its diversity. Everyone always manages to find his or her own niche, but there are always new and interesting people to meet all over campus. I think the size is just right.

What kind of person should attend Cornell?

A typical type – A personality should attend Cornell University. Everyone is extroverted, outgoing, and fun on top of being smart, hard working, and driven to succeed. Most of the students at Cornell are not shy, and those who are often break out of their shell very quickly.

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Is Cornell a party school?

Cornell University is unique in that it has the highest acceptance rate among the Ivy Leagues. It’s a large school with parties almost nightly. As a matter of fact, it was named by Newsweek as the 13th best party school years ago.

Is Cornell depressing?

Following the national trend, rates of reported depression, stress and anxiety among Cornell students also have risen during recent years. … According to CAPS director Gregory Eells, this increased demand is due to both an underlying rise in student distress and to students being more open to seeking care.

What is bad about Cornell?

The worst thing about Cornell is the non-stop work that we have. There’s never any time to grow emotionally and socially. The workload at the school really stresses everyone out. Paying extra for the laundry service and the gym membership can be annoying.

What students say about Cornell?

The student life is as good as it can be considering the work load, and there’s a decent party scene that’s relatively accessible. Ithaca is also a truly great place if you don’t mind the cold. The campus is amongst the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and every time I walk around I’m grateful to be there.

Is Cornell respected?

How prestigious is Cornell? Cornell is the 19th best university in the world and 11th best university in the United States, according to the World University Ranking 2019 by The Times Higher Education. Cornell is also ranked the last among the Ivy League by U.S. News, taking the 16th spot on the national list.

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