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Campus Life

All the students are encouraged to join any two of the clubs that are active in the college. The students are invited in the beginning of every year to make their choice and enroll themselves in the clubs of their choice. Each club is headed by a faculty member assisted by student leaders selected from the club members. The Club activities are to be held after the class hours on week days and other holidays. Strict attendance is maintained and members get to organize several programs related to their club nature for themselves and for the rest of the student community.

Key Objectives of the Clubs
  • Enable coming together of students of similar interests to work, learn and cherish.
  • Develop skills, knowledge and talents related to their club
  • Share their time and resources to their colleagues and make campus life enriching.
  1. Dance Club
  2. Reading Club
  3. Sports Club
  4. Fitness Club
  5. Entrepreneurial Club (EDP)
  6. Nature Club
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