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Computer Club

Computer clubs can be an informal way for students to share their passion for technology. They should be a terrific forum to engage new students who are intimidated by computer science classes or simply uninformed about all the things you can do with a computer.

Technology permeates every aspect of your students’ lives. While virtually every student has a smart phone at my school—and frequently own models that are far more advanced than the typical teacher's—few have any knowledge of how to actually write software for them. As President Obama said in 2013 at a Computer Science Education Week event, “"Don’t Just Play on Your Phone, Program It" computer clubs can be the perfect opportunity to turn students who are just technology consumers into the next generation of software engineers

The purpose of the Computer Club is to provide an atmosphere in which students who are interested in computers and computer gaming can share their ideas, knowledge and proficiency with other like-minded students. The Computer Club meets weekly in the AV Hall, which has a wide variety of equipment and software. Sample topics include PC design, repair, and gaming. At the end of each quarter the club sponsors a lock-in where students have the opportunity to play a variety of computer games on a computer network.

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