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The Department of Languages established on 2015.Department includes three major second languages Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil. The main aim of the department is to promote our language and literature and also concentrated to generate language consciousness among other students through additional language .The department has 3 faculty members. Mr. Biju TT works as the Head of the Department, Mrs. Nishna (Asst. Professor, Malayalam) and Mrs. Shana V (Asst. Professor, Hindi).Even though we don’t have specific language Program under this department nearly 180 students opted the second language as Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil. The other major contribution of this department to the college is to make efficient the students to participate in different language oriented competitions at university level and inter collegiate level. The students of this department gives their academic and skill contributions to the Magazines released by the College and Department level as Novels, Poems and Story writing. Some of the major event conducts by the department are Kaviyarang, Basheer Anusmaranam, and Debates etc.

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