Frequent question: Does Colorado College require official SAT scores?

Does Colorado College require official score reports?

Test scores reported on the Common Application are transmitted electronically to CC when you apply and added separately to your application file according to the preferred testing plan you select. … The office requires official versions be submitted (via testing agency or secondary school) upon commitment to enroll.

What SAT do you need for Colorado College?

How to get into Colorado College

  • Score at least a 1385 on the SAT or 0 on the ACT.
  • Maintain a GPA of at least a 3.89.

Do colleges verify SAT scores?

The short answer is no—nothing automatically shows colleges how often a student took the SAT. Most colleges let students who take the SAT multiple times select which of their test scores, by date, they send to colleges. However, some colleges do require applicants to send all their test scores.

What is a good SAT score in Colorado?

Colorado Average SAT Score: 1190

If you or your child is applying to Colorado, scoring above 1190 means the SAT is working in your favor. Scoring below 1190 means the SAT is working against you.

Does Colorado College accept ACT scores?

The average ACT score composite at Colorado College is a 31. The 25th percentile ACT score is 29, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 33. In other words, a 29 places you below average, while a 33 will move you up to above average.

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Do I need to send official SAT scores to colleges?

beginning of content: Most colleges require applicants to send them official score reports directly from the College Board—they do not accept copies of online score reports or score report labels on transcripts. You can ask us to send score reports to colleges before or after you get scores.

Can I fake my SAT score?

In general, SAT or ACT scores may be faked when applying to test-optional schools where the scores and official score reports are not required. SAT or ACT scores may be faked, too, when asked by employers without requesting official score reports. However, the chances of getting caught are high.

Can you send SAT scores to colleges before you apply?

Yes, you can submit SAT scores and ACT scores to colleges even before you submit your application, but you should know that it will not necessarily give you the edge where your admission is concerned. The only benefit you get from the early submission of your test score is that you will save some money.