Is Santa Clara University Liberal?

Is Santa Clara University liberal arts?

The liberal arts major at SCU is not ranked on College Factual’s Best Colleges and Universities for Liberal Arts General Studies.

SCU Liberal Arts Rankings.

Ranking Type Rank
Most Popular Bachelor’s Degree Colleges for Liberal Arts General Studies 551

What is the reputation of Santa Clara University?

Ranked among the top 15 percent of national universities by U.S. News & World Report, SCU has among the best four-year graduation rates in the nation and is rated by PayScale in the top 1 percent of universities with the highest-paid graduates.

Is Santa Clara a dry campus?

It is the goal of Santa Clara University to maintain a drug-free workplace and campus. … The unlawful presence of any controlled substance or alcohol in the workplace and campus itself is prohibited.

Do people like Santa Clara University?

The campus is beautiful, the people are insanely kind, and the professors are accessible. HIGHLY recommended for anyone looking for a small school feel, plus the Silicon Valley location means there are abundant job and internship opportunities.

What is Santa Clara University best known for?

Santa Clara also was noted for its excellence in undergraduate business education (No. 66 out of over 500 universities nationwide); undergraduate teaching excellence (No. 23 among national universities); and campus diversity.

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What makes Santa Clara University unique?

What makes these RLCs unique is that each RLC is organized around one or two themes such as community service or faith and justice. All freshmen will be members of an RLC. The RLC helps students form strong connections to each other, the university and the community.

Is SCU very religious?

About half of Santa Clara University undergraduates are Catholic. However, Santa Clara welcomes all qualified and motivated students. The mix of Catholics and people from other or no faith traditions provides enriching perspectives and prepares our graduates for success in a pluralistic and global society.

How Catholic is Santa Clara?

Santa Clara is a Jesuit, Catholic university that welcomes and celebrates the religious diversity of its students. About half of our undergraduate students are Catholic, with the other half being Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, agnostic, students with no religious preference, and more.

Is SCU a small school?

Santa Clara University is a small Jesuit University. Though the core curriculum demands that we take three theology classes during our time here, religion is not imposed on students at all.