What are the requirements for Poland student visa?

How much bank statement is required for Poland student visa?

Poland Student Visa Financial Requirements:

If the student has not purchased the return ticket, the amount of 2500 PLN (581 EUR / 658 USD) is required. Adding them both, the monetary funds required for the Poland Student Visa are 12100 PLN (2814 EUR / 3184 USD )a year.

Is it hard to get a Poland student visa?

The process of obtaining a Polish visa is not difficult and problematic if everything is well prepared. … Simple words – with study visa you can stay in Poland for a whole year and enter and leave unlimited number of times.

What are the requirements to study in Poland?

However, some of the requirements remain the same for all the countries and they include:

  • A filled-in visa application form.
  • Valid passport.
  • Official letter of acceptance to a school in Poland.
  • A short CV.
  • Your school certificates and diplomas.
  • Evidence of proficiency in the language in which you wish to study.
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How can I apply for student visa in Poland?

Documents required include:

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Completed visa application form.
  3. 2 passport size photos.
  4. Medical insurance that is valid in Europe.
  5. Proof of having the required financial resources to cover your educational and living expenses during your course of study.

Can I bring my family to Poland on student visa?

Such individuals can enter Poland on the basis of a visa (if it is required) or a residence card issued by another EU member state. If however their stay is going to exceed 3 months, a family member living in Poland has to apply for a long-term EU-resident card to the relevant Voivodeship Office.

Is there any age limit to study in Poland?

AGE LIMIT OF ADMISSION: 25 years, regardless of the diplomas obtained after the high school diploma and the cycle of studies requested.

Can I stay in Poland after graduation?

As a graduate of a Polish higher education institution full-time program, you don’t need a permit to work here. Just make sure your stay permit is in order. You can stay back for further 2-3 years as long as you can prove that you can financially support yourself without seeking any government benefits.

How much is Poland student visa fee?

For detailed information check out the Voivodship Office’s website. The procedure costs 390 PLN in total. EU students do not need to apply for temporary residence permits. As UE citizens they should only apply for registration of their stay with local voivodship office within 90 days of their arrival.

Can student work in Poland?

International students have the right to work while studying in Poland as long as they are enrolled in an Institution. Students who are not nationals of EU member countries must also hold a valid residency permit.

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How much a student can earn in Poland?

A statistical student can earn at least 300-800 PLN per month. But if you devote more time to your duties, you will make as much as a regular employee. Simple jobs are, of course, the least profitable, but also the easiest to find such employment.

How long does it take to get a Poland student visa?

The specific requirements may vary between consulates, so confirm with them first. Attend your appointment and submit your documents: Submit all the documents including a printed and signed application form and the visa fee. You should receive a decision within two to three weeks.

How can I get admission in Poland university?

The application process in Polish universities is very simple!

Application Process in Polish Universities

  1. Choose a program. …
  2. Check the admission requirements. …
  3. Prepare the necessary documents. …
  4. Submit your application. …
  5. Apply for a student visa. …
  6. Arrive in Poland.