Are universities in Sweden taught in English?

Are Swedish universities taught in English?

Another country with a large number of English speakers, over 860 programs are taught in English at Swedish universities. University is free for Swedish citizens and citizens of EU countries. However, non-EU students pay fees.

What language is used in Swedish universities?

Swedish. In order to integrate into Swedish society, you need to know Swedish. The majority of the courses and programmes offered at Uppsala University are taught in Swedish. Documented knowledge of the Swedish language is needed if you want to study a course.

Do Scandinavian universities teach in English?

Many Scandinavian universities offer a growing selection of opportunities to study in English. In Sweden, for example, there are now almost 100 English-taught programs at bachelor’s level, and over 900 at master’s level.

Can I study in Sweden without knowing Swedish?

So in one word – No! You don’t really have to know Swedish to come to study or even work in Sweden. But why not take this opportunity to learn the language and improve your communication skills.

Is it hard to get into Swedish universities?

The Swedish universities are generally rather easy to get into as long as you don’t pick the most popular course. It tends to be a huge gap in the entry requirements between the most popular and the rest.

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How long is SFI course?

At sfi-level you will learn the basics of the Swedish language and prepare for future studies. You will learn the basics of reading, speaking and writing. Each course is 9 or 18 weeks long.

Can I study in Norway in English?

A number of degree programmes and courses are taught in English. Non-native-English students will see that their English skills improve during their studies in Norway, while native-English students will not get bored. A high level of English in the society in general makes it easy to both study and live in Norway.

Which Scandinavian country is best for international students?

Then Finland is the best Scandinavian country for you to study abroad in. Find your own velveteen rabbit while studying in Finland. The capital city, Helsinki, was named World Design Capital in 2012.

Which Nordic country is best to study?

Top 10 universities in the Nordic Countries

Top 10 Nordic Universities According to the QS World University Rankings 2021
Nordic Countries Ranking World Ranking Location
1 76 Denmark
2 97 Sweden
3 98 Sweden