Does Spotify student end when you graduate?

Can I keep Spotify student after I graduate?

The Spotify Student discount is only available if you’re actually enrolled at an accredited school. If you graduate, or leave school for any reason, you’re no longer eligible for the discount.

Does Spotify student expire?

When your student discount expires after 12 months, your Premium automatically continues at the full price. … Note: If your discount expires before you renew, go to CHANGE PLAN on your account page and choose Premium Student.

How do I get Spotify Premium student after graduating?

Students at accredited universities can now pay half price for a Spotify Premium subscription, bringing the cost down to $5 per month. To sign up, you must login through the student section of Spotify’s website, and enter your name, college, and date of birth.

What happens when you are no longer a student with Spotify?

If you are no longer a student at the end of that period, you will no longer be eligible for Spotify Premium for Students. Your subscription will then switch to the regular Spotify Premium plan at $9.99/month, and you will lose access to SHOWTIME.

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Can alumni use Spotify student?

Spotify Premium

College students get half off when they sign up for Spotify Premium with an . edu address. They also have to show proof of enrollment by uploading a copy of a transcript, current ID card, or tuition receipt. Premium has no ads, and costs five bucks for students per month.

Does Spotify Premium student work for high school?

Spotify notes that its student discount is available “only to students at an accredited higher education institution”, this means that you need to be enrolled at a university or college and that the offer isn’t open to high school students.

Why did my Spotify change from student to premium?

It’s just a mere confirmation of the payment details for your student discount. Once you’ve done so, go to your account page and scroll down to Your plan – here you’ll see the updated price of your subscription. Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

How can I get Spotify Premium for free 2021?

Method 2. Use Spotify Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

  1. Google “Spotify Premium apk 2021”, and download the best-commented and latest version on your Android smartphone.
  2. If you downloaded a Zip file, just extract it first. …
  3. Open this new Spotify Premium app and sign in, and you’ll find you have access to all premium features.

How many times can you use Spotify student?

A. Qualifying Students can receive the advertised discounted monthly subscription to the Spotify Premium Service for each month (each a “Discounted Month”) up to a period of twelve (12) consecutive months (“Discount Period”).

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How do I reapply for Spotify student?

After one year you will need to renew it. Visit and sign up for the student discount again. Also, click the link to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page so you are aware of the renewal process. Hope this works for you!

How do I get Spotify student discount with existing account?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to your Spotify account on a Laptop or Desktop.
  2. Go to this link to UPGRADE to Spotify Student —> student upgrade.
  3. Click “Get Premium”
  4. Enter Credit Card information and click submit.