Frequent question: Where can I find my student support number from student finance?

Is student support number the same as CRN?

Students in receipt of SLC funding will have both a Student Support Number and a Customer Reference Number allocated by the SLC. The Customer Reference Number (CRN) – also called Art ID – is generated when an application to the SLC for financial support is made, and is held against the student.

What is my SLC number?

Your SLC reference number is a 13 digit alphanumerical code which allows us to confirm your registration so that SLC can release your loan to you.

What is your student finance number?

Your Student Support Number (SSN) is the unique identification number given to you by Student Finance once your funding has been confirmed. The SSN will consist of four letters, followed by eight numbers and another letter (e.g. ABCD12345678Z) and is included in most documents sent to you from Student Finance.

What is your student number UK?

It can be found on your offer letter from the University, and will also be included in the email you received regarding Online Registration. It is not the letters and numbers that form your email address.

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How do I find my SLC student Support number?

Your SSN will be printed on your ‘University or College Payment Advice’ letter, usually underneath the barcode at the top of the letter. Your SSN will be printed underneath the barcode on the top left-hand side of this letter.

How do I find out my customer reference number?

You can find your customer reference number in the top right area on the front of your photo identification card. It is marked as your reference number.

Where can I find my SAAS reference number?

SAAS reference number if you’ve applied before. National Insurance Number – you can find this on your National Insurance Card, benefit letter, payslip or P60. bank details.

This could include:

  1. tuition fees.
  2. student loans.
  3. bursaries, grants and allowances.

Is Student Finance England the same as SLC?

The Difference Between Student Finance England and The Student Loans Company. Student Finance England (SFE) deal with the allocation of loans and your application. The Student Loans Company (SLC) deal with the repayments when you graduate.

What’s a student reference?

Letters of reference should include your name and contact information, an explanation of the context in which you know the student, and an evaluation of their specific skills and potential for success in their new endeavor (be it continuing education or a new job).

What is my Oxford student number?

Your My Oxford Number will be on most of the letters and emails you receive from us, as well as on your My Oxford Card. If you have already registered for an My Oxford Online account your My Oxford Number will be visible on your profile when you log-in.

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