How do students get information?

Where do students get their information?

On a given week, 93 percent of students surveyed got their news from conversations with peers, and 89 percent from social media, the study found. The results showed that 76 percent of students turned to online newspaper sites, but only 33 percent went to print publications.

How do college students get information?

Online news sites (76 percent) and news feeds (55 percent) also delivered news to a majority of students in the sample. Slightly more students had received news from online or face-to-face discussions with their peers (93 percent) than from social media (89 percent) in the past week.

How students get their news?

Most common were discussions with peers (93%), while 70% got news from discussions with professors. Social media was another common source (89%) and to a lesser degree, online newspapers (76%) and news feeds (55%). 2. News knows no personal boundaries, so students follow selectively.

What media do college students consume?

Key Findings

Students enjoy social media and internet music as their primary media format. Many students are willing to pay for subscription-based services, such as Netflix, hulu, Spotify Premium, etc.

Where do college students most often get their health info from?

The four most believable sources of health information as indicated by survey respondents were health center medical staff, health educators, faculty or coursework, and parents.

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How do teenagers conduct research?

Research with teens requires adjustments to your moderation techniques.

  1. Highlight their agency and power. …
  2. Emphasize the impact of what they’re about to share. …
  3. Build empathy. …
  4. Match their body language and excitement level. …
  5. Know your stuff. …
  6. Be aware of sensitive topics. …
  7. Ensure they have privacy. …
  8. Be flexible.

What publications do college students read?

What Magazines do College Students Read? Listed in order of popularity, the top 10 magazines are: TIME, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, The Red Bulletin, Smithsonian, Imbibe Magazine, Consumer Reports, Men’s Health, and Inked.

Do college students read the newspaper?

College students are avid readers of their campus newspaper. Seventy-six percent of all college students have read their campus publication in the past 30 days, a figure that rises to 82% for readership in the last 90 days [1].

How do teenagers get their information?

For teens who turn to YouTube for news consumption, 60 percent said they are more likely to learn about current events by watching videos from celebrities or social media personalities, rather than news organizations. …