How many different conferences are in college basketball?

How many Division 2 basketball teams are there?

According to the NCAA, there are currently more than 300 D2 basketball teams across the nation. However, potential recruits should know that these 312 D2 basketball teams are also comprised of high-caliber, elite basketball players.

Is D1 better than D3?

D1 players are generally faster and more athletic than D3 players. They are not necessarily larger, but they are faster and more athletic. And, on balance, D1 players are technically slightly better than their D3 counterparts.

How many Division 3 football conferences are there?

There are 246 NCAA Division III football programs in the United States.

NCAA Division III football programs.

School Benedictine
City Lisle
State Illinois
Enrollment 4,885
First Division III season 1973
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