Is Lee University Liberal or conservative?

Is Lee University conservative or liberal?

The campus is conservative, but both the College Republicans and College Democrats are active on campus. Students come from all over the country and world.

Is Lee University a liberal school?

Lee University is a liberal arts institution based in the town of Cleveland, southeastern Tennessee. It was founded in 1918 as a Bible Training School, and continues an affiliation with the evangelical Church of God.

Is Washington and Lee very liberal?

W&L is an excellent liberal arts institution with a vast amount of resources and plenty of opportunities to help you succeed, despite its small size.

Is California Baptist University Conservative?

They should expect to work hard and not party, as this is a dry campus that professes conservative views about life and the college experience. … Faith is an integral part of education here, and it really makes for a much better experience than other campuses can provide.

What type of student goes to Washington and Lee?

A typical W&L student is a white, preppy, wealthy, Southern conservative that has joined either a fraternity or sorority. The most common stereotype for W&L is the “preppy” stereotype. Most people think that the only students who attend W&L are rich, white, and Southern.

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What kind of college is Lee College?

Lee University is a private Christian university in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Lee University.

Motto “Where Christ is King”
Type Private, liberal arts
Established 1918
Religious affiliation Church of God
Endowment US $18.6 million (2015)

Is Lee University an Ivy League school?

Washington and Lee University is not one of the original eight Ivy League colleges and universities. The original Ivy League schools include: Cornell University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, Yale University, and Brown University.

Is Lee University a dry campus?

Lee University is a drug and alcohol free campus.

Is William and Mary liberal or conservative?

There is a decent stronghold of more progressive students as well as militant conservatives. Despite the lack of apparent diversity, William & Mary students are generally fairly open-minded and many recognize the importance of a diverse student body.