Question: Can you use a student choice gift card online?

How do I use my student choice card online?

Your Student Choice card works just like a regular prepaid card: simply fill in the card details online at the check-out page for payment. Once the transaction is complete, you will instantly receive your e-gift via email. Please do make sure you check your card balance and validity first before purchasing an e-gift.

Can you use student gift card online?

Cards are not redeemable online and are not refundable. Lost or stolen Cards cannot be replaced. For complete terms and conditions, customer assistance, balance check, expiry date and how to use go to

Can you use choice gift cards online?

Your Choice Cards give you the freedom to shop anywhere that accepts Mastercard online or in-store. You can use them to buy your Christmas food from your favourite supermarket such as Asda, Aldi or Lidl, or your Christmas outfit from Next.

Can a Visa gift card be used online?

Can I use my Visa Gift card for online or phone purchases? Yes. Your Visa Gift card is intended for use anywhere Visa cards are accepted. … When you make an online or phone purchase, the name, address, and phone number you use will need to be exactly the same as the information you provided when registering your card.

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How do you use a gift card online?

You simply type the gift card or egift card number into the website’s shopping cart and complete the transaction. Whether the gift card is plastic or electronic, using it online is especially easy if you have a store gift card, also known as a closed loop gift card.

How do you use gift cards online?

When you purchase a product online, you need to input the Visa or Mastercard gift card number into the debit or credit card field on the website—not the gift card field, which is reserved for store-branded gift cards, she says. In other words, you can’t pay using both the gift card and your credit or debit card.

How do you use a choice gift card?

You must redeem your card first, before you can spend in store. Simply select where you want to use your gift and then wait for your retailer eGiftcard to be emailed to your chosen email address. You can choose from a wide range of high street stores and receive eGiftcards to spend in store or online immediately.

How do I pay with fashion choice card online?

How to spend your card online

  1. Enter. Enter the 16 digit Card Number, the CVC2 and card expiry date (under the scratch panel) from the back of your card. …
  2. Choose and add to basket. Add one or multiple eGifts to your basket. …
  3. Complete. …
  4. Spend.

How do I redeem my choice card?

Recipients visit and simply enter their unique Gift of Choice Card 16-digit code. The unique code gives recipients the opportunity to view and select the brand(s) or retailer(s) of their choice and receive the branded gift card immediately via electronic delivery or by First Class mail.

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