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The Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The IQAC has become a statutory necessity in all accredited colleges and this is keeping in mind the necessity to sustain quality standards in all academic aspects. IQAC is a significant and inevitable administrative body that is accountable for the initiation and monitoring of all quality related aspects. It is the prime responsibility of IQAC to initiate, plan and supervise various activities that are necessary to enhance the quality of the education imparted in a Higher Education Institution.

The IQAC can promote and determine quality related activities and issues through various programmes and activities such as seminars, workshops, symposia, conferences, panel discussions, academic meetings and any such kind of event for all the stakeholders of the institution. The role of IQAC in maintaining quality standards in teaching, learning and evaluation becomes crucial in the present times as the essence of the IQAC goes beyond the idiom of maintaining quality standards. It is the IQAC which collaborates with all the stakeholders of higher education for quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance.

The IQAC of Don Bosco College has been the nucleus of the quality execution strategy. The IQAC plays a proactive role in streamlining the following precepts in an academic year:

  • Facilitating Orientation and Animation Programmes for newly inducted faculty members
  • Conducting and promoting the attendance of Faculty Development Programmes on a regular basis
  • Arrangement for feedback responses from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes.
  • Conducting the Internal Audit to assure the compliance to quality standards. Internal Audits are conducted 2 to 3 times in every academic year.
  • Conducting regular meetings to brainstorm on matters of significance and to disseminate information
  • Conducting national seminars on themes related to quality sustenance and also on themes relevant to contemporary issues
  • Facilitating social extension activities and hosting the same.
  • Planning and executing the Annual Academic Plan or Educative Pastoral Plan
  • Monitoring the conduct of planned activities by the departments in the college
  • Framing different committees and delegating responsibilities
  • Updating the Hand book annually
  • Conducting a thorough scrutiny of every event both heuristically and holistically to ensure seamless quality standards
  • Conducting an Annual Evaluation Meeting to analyze the strengths and weaknesses
  • Collecting feedback from Final Year UG students

IQAC Committee Members

Chairman :    Dr. Fr. Joy Ullattil - Principal

Vice-Chairman :    Fr. Sojan Pananchickal, Vice-Principal

IQAC Coordinator :    Dr. Eldho K.J

IQAC Secretary :    Ms. Priya Philip

Vocational Expert :    Br. Philip ( Dir. DB Tech)

Management Nominee: :    Fr. Benny Christudas ( Administrator)

Faculty Nominee :    Dr. Karthick

Industrial Expert: :    Mr. Isson K. Jose

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