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Don Bosco is known to millions as a brilliant educator and a great champion of the young. He is born on 16 th August 1815, at Becchi, Turin, Italy, in a poor family and eventually he was ordained a priest and he dedicated his entire life for the welfare of the young. Don Bosco’s system of education can be summed up in three words (3RS): Reasonableness, Relationship and Religiousness.

Reasonableness refers to a sensible and realistic approach to realities, goals and achievements. Relationship entails a family atmosphere, a loving, friendly and trusting rapport between the staff and students and spontaneity and openness in interactions. Religiousness signifies inculcating in the young a sense of the divine and preparing them for life, apart from equipping them for a livelihood.

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Under Graduate Courses
B.Com with Computer Applications
B. Com with Finance
B.A English Literature
B Travel & Tourism
B.Sc Maths
B.Sc Computer Science
B.S.C Psychology

M.Com with Finance
M.Sc Computer Science
MA. English