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Nature club

Nature club gives the students an opportunity to learn, to develop skills, use talents and to dedicate their time to explore, to preserve and to protect environment. The club participates in various camps, clean-ups, awareness programmes etc. in collaboration with the Forest Department of Wayanad District.

Being with nature is good for a child’s psychological and physical well-being. It can help reduce stress and improve concentration. Many children welcome a chance to help make the world a better place and students who join college nature clubs can make the environment their platform for community service. The nature club this year had 50 members. There were regular meetings taken up before undertaking any activity.

MOTTO: ‘To keep nature fit, we must do our bit’


To arouse general awareness among the students regarding the different environmental problems which are of major concern to the better future and survival of mankind.


To inculcate love and respect among the members for nature and thus work with a global perspective.

  • Motivating students to value environment.
  • To make them aware about the grave situation of nature and means for its conservation.
  • By creating awareness on global environmental challenges and developing means to overcome them.
  • Organizing various eco-friendly activities. Conducting botanical excursions and plantation programmes.
  • Organizing workshops and seminars on environment concern issue.

The club is indebted to Mr. Jose Sebastian (In charge), Students from various departments being a part and support for the smooth functioning of the club. Different activities organized by the club are,

  • Plantation of trees
  • Saving nature
  • Cleaning Campus
  • Plastic Free campus awareness

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