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Staff Council

Don Bosco College propels its student centric ideology only through its team of committed teachers. The human resource of the college, including the teaching, non teaching and support faulty of the college are the advocates off Don Bosco’s philosophy.

The college has a Staff Council; a peer elected body, which is the inherent medium between the Management and the Staff Members. The Staff Council is headed by the Staff Secretary, a staff member unanimously selected, from among the staff members. The Staff Secretary, representing all the staff members, presents the views of the staff council, to the management. The Staff Secretary also initiates welfare measures to facilitate the assuaging of any crisis faced by a staff member. The Staff Council acts as a sounding board and advocate for staff concerns and reviews the possibilities of better approaches to enhance professional development, technical and educational opportunities to enhance and promote employee skills.

The Staff Council embodies the following objectives:

  • Facilitate communication between staff and the management
  • Foster a sense of community among our diverse population
  • Increase awareness of College policies among the staff members
  • Participate, assist, and advise in decision making processes that affect the staff’s relationship with the management
  • Present ideas that originate from the staff to the management
  • Develop recommendations for new policies or changes in policies pertaining to staff.
  • Foster professionalism and work ethics.

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